Some facts in short: I have worked as a consultant at KNIGHTEC AB and I'm at the moment on relieve from that job. Before that (excluding childhood) I studied at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

I'm a holder of a Private Pilot License.

TRAVEL and seeing the globe is a affection of mine that I want to put some more effort into. It all started with me doing my master thesis in Australia, magnificent place!

PARAGLIDING is an extremely cool sport.

See me and friends tumbling through the sky in Norway! Just click here! You'll need Quicktime!


OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES in general makes me feel good! The more adrenaline the better, but surviving the game is still very important!!

X-Plane is a really smart flight simulator that'll give you a realistic flight model to play around with. Desing your own crafts, fly all over the globe or enter space if you got the thrust etc. X-plane has FAA approval for training towards airline transport certificate! All simulators are great to practise procedures in, and to get a feel of how instruments work IMO.

"Bauer" is German for farmer, for those of you who did not already know that. My nickname has a reality behind it, so don't go around poring waste all over the place. THINK! We only got one planet to stand on (yet)!